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Toll-Free: (800) 656-2272
Fax: (276) 963-0130

Four County Transit is testing a new work express route in Tazewell County. The route runs once in the morning and evening, Monday through Friday. The route travels to and from the Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens in the Wardell Industrial Park next to Southwest Virginia Community College. The bus can stop at businesses located around that agency and along the route. The work express route must follow the scheduled times and cannot deviate from the route. For more information call (276) 963-1486.

  • Morning
    • 7:00am - Mt. Zion Church – Divides Area Tazewell
    • 7:10am - Magic Mart Tazewell Mall
    • 7:15am - Park-N-Ride Tazewell Fair Grounds
    • 7:20am - Baptist Valley Road
    • 7:35am - Clifford Christian Church (Earls Branch Rd)
    • 7:45am - Wal-Mart
    • 8:00am - AASC
  • Evening
    • 4:30pm - AASC
    • 4:45pm - Wal-Mart
    • 4:55pm - Clifford Christian Church (Earls Branch Rd)
    • 5:10pm - Baptist Valley Road
    • 5:15pm - Park-N-Ride Tazewell Fair Grounds
    • 5:20pm - Magic Mart Tazewell Mall
    • 5:30pm - Mt. Zion Church – Divides Area Tazewell

This is a test route and the stops and times are subject to change.