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Our Nutrition program provides hot, frozen, or canned meals to eligible senior citizens. This is one nutritious meal per day, seven days a week. We deliver the meals every 14 days.

We provide meal supplements (such as Ensure Plus or Glucerna shakes) to any individual whose doctor states that person’s need for a nutritional supplement.

Seniors who are eligible are at least 60 years old and homebound, especially those who are low income.

Eight senior sites offer active adults 60 or older a friendly and fun place to gather for exercise, nutrition, health programs, and health screenings. Participants can also learn a craft and enjoy a nutritious lunch. Participants may be eligible for transportation assistance to the site.

  • We have sites in the following locations:
    • Grundy.
    • Tazewell.
    • Dante.
    • Clinchco.
    • Pocahontas.
    • Swords Creek.
    • Clintwood.
    • Richlands.