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Anyone of any age can ride Four County Transit’s public routes. We are a fully coordinated public transit system serving the residents of Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell counties.

We have transportation coordinators available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM—4:30 PM, excluding major holidays.

Riding the bus saves money, eases traffic congestion, and pollutes less — per passenger mile — than private vehicles.

It is estimated that public transportation use in our country saves more than 1 billion gallons of gasoline each year. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average retail price of gas in 2008 was about $3.39 per gallon. That means people who used public transportation in 2008 saved nearly 3.5 billion dollars!

Even in communities as small as ours, we sometimes have too many vehicles on the road. More cars on the road — more opportunities for traffic accidents. And heavier traffic can translate into a longer, more stressful commute to work. Plus, the more time we spend driving our cars, the more our cars experience wear and tear.

In the U.S., 82 percent of our human-made greenhouse emissions are carbon dioxide emissions. When chemical particulates hang in the air, we breathe them into our lungs. They can cause or worsen bronchial or pulmonary illness. Air pollutants also contribute to acid rain, which in turn seeps into our groundwater, streams, and lakes. It kills soil organisms, introduces toxins to plants and animals, and slows the growth of trees. Our ecosystem is a vital component of our air quality. If we destroy it, we destroy our ability to breathe. By contributing fewer pollutants that produce smog and greenhouse gases, public transportation helps maintain national air quality standards.

Monday through Friday, 34 million times each day, people in this country use public transportation. Join us, won’t you?

For specific schedules, visit www.fourcountytransit.org, or call 276-963-1486 for more information.