Emergency Home Repair

Emergency Home Repair improves housing occupied by low-income persons by completing limited repairs and removing imminent health and safety hazards and/or barriers to habitability in their homes.

  • Work may include:
    • Plumbing repairs.
    • Structural repairs where hazards exist.
    • Electrical repairs where hazards exist.
    • Bath repairs where hazards exist.
    • Roof repair and replacement.
    • Repair and replacement of heating systems.
    • Wheelchair ramps.
    • Hand railings and grab bars.
    • Kitchen and bathroom adaptations.
    • Doorway widening.

Applicants must meet certain income criteria as determined by theĀ Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development.

We repair homes in our coverage area, which includes Dickenson, Russell and Tazewell counties. We provide materials and labor is provided by volunteers. Emergency home repair can help. We are proud to serve.